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Shantel Valle

My Brow Couture - Microbladding - Shantel Valle

Founder of Brow Couture

Hi Ladies!

My name is Shantel Valle and I have been in the Beauty & Spa industry since 2007. I am very excited to welcome you to Brow Couture. A personal experience using the latest permanent makeup techniques, to enhance your natural beauty! Brow Couture provides skilled, trained, certified semi-permanent makeup to enhance, fill, shape, correct, contour your individual and unique eyebrows based upon your facial bone structure.

Many women struggle with time, especially because we do hundreds of things for others before helping ourselves. As a wife, mother, and caretaker of a small zoo at home, makeup is not always happening. Semi-permanent makeup is the ultimate solution I have found to save time and money on makeup. It can be so frustrating trying to match the correct brow color and shape, only for your time to be wasted when it goes off at the gym, on vacation, and everywhere in-between!

Age, disease and ethnicity also play a huge part in eyebrow hair loss which can make us feel insecure and frustrated. This is exactly why I am obsessed with Microblading and other semi-permanent makeup techniques I offer for the eyebrows! Women instantly feel radiant after seeing their new symmetrical and fuller eyebrows. Since every eyebrow made is a custom fit, it allows the natural beauty from within to shine through!

In my career in the beauty and spa industry I am passionate about providing five star personalized service to each and every person every time. I am a true and trusted professional that is trained, certified and honest about how I can help each and every person with their eyebrow goals.

Are you ready for your own individual and unique Brow Couture?

Best wishes to all, and hope to see you soon!

Licensed & Certified Permanent Makeup Artist

We Love Our Clients


Wake up with Perfect Eyebrows you Love Everyday



Get natural 3D looking hair for fuller and more symmetrical eyebrows customized for each facial bone structure


Get makeup looking eyebrows for a fuller and completely shaded appearance using a full coverage shading technique

Blade & Shade

A unique combination of the natural 3D hair-like strokes of Microblading & shading technique from Powderbrows.